Customer Comments

These are just a small selection of the comments made to me by teachers. I am so busy now that keeping up with the web site comments is a bit of a problem.

7.5.2019: Sima Powell of Saltaire Primary: “Your visit has given the children a real boost. They were already gripped by the subject and your visit has reinforced this whole area of science. I look forward to seeing you next year”.

24.4.2019: Lauren Walton, West End Academy: “Thank you for coming again this year. The shows have captivated the imagination of the children and you have shown them how it is all connected to us on Earth. See you again next year”.

22.1.2019: Great Moor Junior School, Stockport: J. Ijima: “We keep booking you for a reason and you delivered that again today”. A male teacher said “I could have listened to you all day. The Q&A session afterwards worked really well”.

18.1.2019: J. Mcphee Stephen Longfellow Academy: “Well that was a total success. The children loved it. We will be booking you again”.

16.1.2019: N. Raynor Pickhill Primary, Thirsk: “Wow, that was utterly fantastic”.

7.1.2019: Mrs. Richardson, Long Lee Primary: “The reason we book you each year is because you provide a much better service than the others we have used. The children are bouncing with enthusiasm once again. We will be booking you again next year”.

4.12.2018: Mr. Alston: “Thank you so much for coming. The content and delivery were superb. We will be booking you again”.

April 2018: Leeds Young Film Festival management: “You must be exhausted after four days but I can tell you that you had a 100% positive response from the public feedback. Same as last year.

19.4.2018 Eve Chadwick Western Primary, Harrogate: “We have had a number of different Planetaria companies visit us over the years and this has been the best by far. We will be looking to book you for next year”.

18.4.2018 Teacher: Chris Pressdee-Rudd Marchbank Free School, Darlington. “The shows and your input were incredible. The kids thought it was terrific.”

27.3.2018 Long Lee Primary, Keighley teacher: “The hour sessions in the dome followed by half an hour question and answer sessions had real impact. Your enthusiasm is quite infectious and we all learned a lot”.

22.1.2018 Jane Ijima (Year 5 teacher Great Moor School, Stockport): Thank you once again for your fantastic input to our space topic. The children are so enthusiastic when you have been. See you next year.

16.1.2018 Lesley Briggs (Skelton Newby Hall school, North Yorks). Thank you so much. Your shows covered everything we needed and a lot more besides. The children have really been inspired and I anticipate they will be sending you loads of questions.

17.4.2017 Debbie Maturi – Leeds Young Film Festival. “Thank you for being the central attraction at the festival. You have done a fantastic job over the 4 days and the feedback forms show that everyone enjoyed what you did”. Note: Between 800 – 1000 people visited the planetarium in just 4 days.

26.1.2017 Emma Plows, Shibden Head Primary: ‘Thank you for yesterday. There was an overwhelming positive response from everyone!’ Another teacher at the same school: “We are not used to people who run Planetaria knowing as much as you. That was fantastic thank you.”

5.12.2016 Richard Street, Bilton Grange Primary, Harrogate: We like to provide something with impact for the children and you certainly provide it. The children have loved every minute of your shows and question time. We will certainly be booking you again.

Rebecca Richardson 9.3.2016: Hello I would just like to say a big thank you from everyone at Northfield. Today has been an absolutely fantastic experience for all children involved. I have had fantastc  feedback from all staff and they, and myself, are all very eager to book you again in the future. Your knowledge of the topics you delivered where in depth and well pitched for the variation of ages (3,4,5 years and then also 9 and 10 year olds) Children were all engaged and went back to class egar to continue their interest in space and the universe.

Another teacher at Northfield said that she had told her class to anticipate an exciting time but she had greatly under-anticipated the content.

Faye Taylor: The planetarium was an incredibly informative experience for the children and we loved the facts about space – particularly the ‘big’ numbers. It really got them thinking and talking. All in all it generated lots of excitement and interest. Thanks again, we would definitely recommend you.

Several teachers have come back looking for their children who have hidden in the entrance so that they could go back in with the next class to get a second show.

Annon: I do not know who has learned the most, the children or me.

One Primary School teacher burst into tears because an autistic pupil asked a whole string of superb questions. Apparently he had never spoken to anyone in the school before and they didn’t know how to ‘reach him’.

Annon: That has given us all a very different perspective on our place in the Universe.

4th Feb 2015 pupil: “I want to be an astronomer now I have seen all this. It’s the most exciting thing I have ever seen”.

23 Feb 2015:  Mrs Picknett Head of Thorntree Primary, Middlesbrough: “My staff have reported to me that your provided far more than they expected. They were all very impressed and we will want you back next year”. Ross Johnston (Teacher) “Based on what you have shown us today we will look at our space project again with a view to extending it. The children learned an awful lot today”.

2nd March 2015 Bilton Grange Primary, Harrogate: (Deputy Head Mr Street) “We have had several planetariums here in the past and none of them have matched up to what you delivered today. You delivered what you had to then went on to challenge the pupils to think differently and in a very broad way. Your breadth of knowledge is outstanding”.

14th March 2015 Leeds Science Fair at the Leeds Museum. LAS Chairman: “Has anyone told you that your presence here has increased the numbers of visitors by four times? You are booked for next year”.

20th March 2015 Toby Tyler, Stockport (Science Teacher of the Year 2014) : The feedback from all of the staff, children and parents has been outstanding. The impact you have had speaks for itself.

24th June 2015 Quarry Mount Primary, Leeds 6, Teacher Emilie Boyd. “We all thought it was fantastic and we are booking your for the same time next year”.

4th November 2015 Emily Ryan St. Oswald’s CE Primary, York: Everyone thinks the shows were fantastic. I will look forward to seeing you next year.

6th November 2015 Ashley Wilkinson Immaculate Heart of Mary CP School: The kids are absolutely buzzing with excitement now. The additional question and answer session was a great idea.  We are looking forward to your return to our school in January.

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